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      April Painting Workshop

      April Painting Workshop

      On Saturday, April 10 from 1-3PM, embrace the spring season with this tulip tin painting workshop. The galvanized tin comes with a frame ready to hang and measures 10” x 10”. The tulips will be traced onto your tin and will be prepped with gesso prior to the workshop for you! You choose the color of your tulips. All supplies are included in the price of the workshop. Class size is small to follow proper social distancing protocols as well to ensure everyone gets individual attention from the instructor and has an enjoyable experience. Face masks are required throughout the duration of the workshop. Please note, there is no public restroom available for this short event. Workshop takes place in Elmer, NJ. Address will be provided to you after registration.

      Click here to register!

      Mural Project: Week Two

      Mural Project: Week Two

      This is the second week of the mural project for Four Seasons Campground and I finally began the fun part - painting! First, in order to meet the preferred deadline I started by writing down each element that needs to be painted. I counted the number of days until the deadline and then assigned each element an amount of time, in days.

      On Sunday, I began painting the background barn boards. Initially, I was going to paint just the doorway mural background but I quickly decided to also do the window mural background since I had the paint colors figured out and in a wood grain painting groove. The next day, I moved onto painting the bales in the background and the floor of the doorway mural. It was a lot of fun creating all the many layers of texture! On Tuesday, I moved onto the first animal of the murals - the cat.

      The next steps for this week is to paint the sheep, cow, and chicken. Next week I will start painting the animals of the window mural. Stay tuned for more updates and videos.

      Mural Project: Week One

      Mural Project: Week One

      This week I am beginning a new mural project for Four Seasons Campground. They are updating their cafe to look like a barn and wanted custom murals to add some charm as customers passed through the new area. A good family friend, Bill Taylor of TBI Unlimited is completing the hardscaping and landscaping for the project and he recommended me for the mural project. I will be creating two murals: one will be a window that is 40"H x 72"W and the other will be a doorway that is 72"H x 48"W. Below I am sharing what I have accomplished so far this week and the next steps in the mural project.

      Beginning Steps

      I first met with the Robinsons and the owner of TBI Unlimited to discuss the project and see the site in person. After the meeting, I created sketches for the Robinson's to review. After Sickler's Construction completed the special frame work for the murals, I picked up the MDO plywood boards and brought them back to my studio to begin working.

      Prepping The Surfaces

      I decided to prep, paint, and seal the back and edge surfaces first. I used two coats of Sherwin Exterior Wood Primer, two coats of exterior paint, and two coats of Modern Masters Supreme clear sealer. After they were completely dried, I flipped them over and primed the front the mural boards.

      Priming the surfaces of the mural boards by Kimberly English

      Next Steps

      This week I will be drawing the images onto the boards, painting the background and beginning to paint the animals. After a lot research, I decided to use Golden Paints to complete the painting. Their customer service has been amazing with answering all of my questions and providing product resources for mural painting. I will be recording time lapse videos while I paint so be sure to check back on the blog next week for updates on it's progress!