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      Mural Project: Week Two

      Mural Project: Week Two

      This is the second week of the mural project for Four Seasons Campground and I finally began the fun part - painting! First, in order to meet the preferred deadline I started by writing down each element that needs to be painted. I counted the number of days until the deadline and then assigned each element an amount of time, in days.

      On Sunday, I began painting the background barn boards. Initially, I was going to paint just the doorway mural background but I quickly decided to also do the window mural background since I had the paint colors figured out and in a wood grain painting groove. The next day, I moved onto painting the bales in the background and the floor of the doorway mural. It was a lot of fun creating all the many layers of texture! On Tuesday, I moved onto the first animal of the murals - the cat.

      The next steps for this week is to paint the sheep, cow, and chicken. Next week I will start painting the animals of the window mural. Stay tuned for more updates and videos.