Mural Project: Week One

Mural Project: Week One

This week I am beginning a new mural project for Four Seasons Campground. They are updating their cafe to look like a barn and wanted custom murals to add some charm as customers passed through the new area. A good family friend, Bill Taylor of TBI Unlimited is completing the hardscaping and landscaping for the project and he recommended me for the mural project. I will be creating two murals: one will be a window that is 40"H x 72"W and the other will be a doorway that is 72"H x 48"W. Below I am sharing what I have accomplished so far this week and the next steps in the mural project.

Beginning Steps

I first met with the Robinsons and the owner of TBI Unlimited to discuss the project and see the site in person. After the meeting, I created sketches for the Robinson's to review. After Sickler's Construction completed the special frame work for the murals, I picked up the MDO plywood boards and brought them back to my studio to begin working.

Prepping The Surfaces

I decided to prep, paint, and seal the back and edge surfaces first. I used two coats of Sherwin Exterior Wood Primer, two coats of exterior paint, and two coats of Modern Masters Supreme clear sealer. After they were completely dried, I flipped them over and primed the front the mural boards.

Priming the surfaces of the mural boards by Kimberly English

Next Steps

This week I will be drawing the images onto the boards, painting the background and beginning to paint the animals. After a lot research, I decided to use Golden Paints to complete the painting. Their customer service has been amazing with answering all of my questions and providing product resources for mural painting. I will be recording time lapse videos while I paint so be sure to check back on the blog next week for updates on it's progress!

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