The Power of Words

The Power of Words

Have you ever had someone tell you something that gave you the courage follow your dreams?

My Uncle Regan said something years ago that ultimately led me to the career I am in today: artist and art educator. When I was about 12, my uncle was visiting our family and I showed him a piece of artwork that I had just finished. He encouraged me to pursue the arts and then went on to say that he always regretted never doing anything with his own artistic talent.
Years had passed and I began my college career at Salem Community College where I studied Liberal Arts and focused on the sciences. I LOVED science almost as much as I loved art. I always knew I wanted to be a teacher but I never thought that I could obtain a job as an art teacher. When I transferred to Rowan University in the fall I entered as a (believe it or not) Biology & Education major.

I will NEVER forget this moment: Two weeks into my first semester at Rowan I was sitting in my Chemistry class when the words of my uncle resonated through my thoughts. When I left the class I literally asked myself: "What am I doing!?" It was almost as if I woke up from a dream and realized I was not doing what I really wanted: art. Right after that class I found out what I needed to do to switch majors to become an Art & Education major. I had a portfolio interview and was accepted into the program.

After that moment, everything fell into place. I met amazing friends and faculty members who shaped me into the artist/art educator I am today. During that transitional time was also when I met my husband. He has been a huge inspiration to my artwork and driving force to continue my pursuit of creating art and sharing my knowledge through teaching.

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