Art Supply Birthday Present

Art Supply Birthday Present

For my birthday, I decided to buy Liquitex Acrylic Gouache. I absolutely love acrylic paints and I have been curious to experiment with their new acrylic product offering I decided to treat myself to a starter set.

What is gouache? 
Traditional gouache is a highly pigmented paint that is similar to watercolor because it remains water soluble after it dries. After gouache dries, it can be reactivated and reworked with water to change the artwork

Acrylic gouache on the other hand, has an acrylic binder added to the paint that makes it waterproof. This means that after it dries, it cannot be reactivated with water to make changes to the artwork. This is a great advantage over traditional gouache because the paint will not smear and provides a matte finish.

What will I do with it?
This newer medium seems intriguing to me and I really wanted to give it try to compare the difference between regular acrylic paint and acrylic gouache. I am interested to see how acrylic gouache blends to create gradients and it's drying time. I plan to do some quick, miniature paintings based off of some the sunset photographs I have taken. I will be sharing those in the future on my blog so stay tuned!

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