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      Fine Art Commissions

      Original Acrylic Paintings of Your Memories

      Fine art acrylic paintings are created using photographs provided by the client. For best results, high resolution photographs work best. If needed, the artist can come to the location and photograph the landscape or structure being rendered.

      Prices include: research, photographing (if needed), painting supplies, and framing. Each detailed painting produced is a one of kind original that is ready to hang in your home or present as a gift to a loved one.

      Fine Art Commission Ideas

      • Automobile or Motorcycle
      • House Portrait
      • Custom Painted Leatherwear
      • Vacation Memories
      • Pet Portrait

      Painting Parties

      Adult Painting Parties

      Need something fun to do with family and friends? Why not try a painting party?! In a two-three hour class at your home (or my studio), you will create a work of art on canvas with your closest friends with help from me, Kimberly English.

      • $30 per guest
      • ALL art supplies are included!
      • Minimum of 10 guests (including the hostess)

      Children’s Birthday Parties

      Looking for a different birthday party activity? Host a painting party for your child and their friends! Activities are about 60-90 minutes long and are based around a theme or favorite children's book and created on canvas or mixed media paper. For ages 5 and up.

      • $20 per young artist
      • ALL art supplies are included!
      • Minimum of 10 guests (including the birthday boy/girl)

      How it Works

      Before your painting party

      • Register online and pick a theme for your painting (I can create a custom work of art for your party!)
      • Invite your friends
      • Give final artist count to the instructor

      The day/night of your painting party

      • Have an area in your home available for painting
      • Follow step by step instructions from the instructor
      • Enjoy your work of art and friends!

      I will bring everything needed to paint:

      • Table Covers
      • Canvases
      • Brushes
      • Easels
      • Water containers
      • Paper towels

      Painting Party Policies

      • The host(ess) is required to provide tables and chairs
      • A minimum of 10 guests (including the hostess) is required to host a painting party at your home.
      • The maximum amount at home parties is 25 guests.
      • If you have less than 10 guests, painting parties will be held at my studio in Elmer. Minimum is 5 guests/ Max is 10
      • Painting parties start at their scheduled time. Please plan to have your guests arrive at least 10 minutes early.
      • The final artist count is due one week prior to the party date. Extra guests must be reported ASAP to ensure adequate supplies are available.
      • The host(ess) is responsible for collecting all payments prior to the painting party to reduce "no shows"
      • Total payment is due upon my arrival
      • A $30 non-refundable deposit is required to book a date. This amount will go towards your party total.
      • Due to my allergies, I will not be able to conduct a painting party at smoking residencies.

      Live Event Painting

      There is something magical about live event painting. It captures not only the moment of a special occasion but also all of the planning, hard work, and vision that the client worked so hard to create. It's something tangible that is made the day the of a special event whether it is a wedding, birthday, or anniversary party. It holds all of the anticipation, excitement, fun and laughter that everyone experienced while celebrating. The painting is something, I hope, the client will cherish for the rest of their lives.

      How it works

      • The client submits a reservation form (below) with all of the event information.
      • The artist and client will meet to discuss what the client would like painted and a contract will be signed.
      • The night of the event, I will arrive 2-3 hours prior to set up and begin painting the background.
      • I will paint throughout the night for guests to watch the progression of the artwork.
      • The painting will be taken back to my studio for final touches, varnishing and framing.
      • The finished work of art will be delivered 2 weeks after the event.