About the Artist

Kimberly English is a professional artist and certified art teacher. She uses her artwork to advocate for farmers and raise money for students in Future Farmers of America Chapters. Her paintings have been featured in magazines, on television, and have won International awards.

The Salem County Farmlands Calendar is an annually curated collection of my photographs. I have donated over $3,000 to the three Future Farmers of America Chapters of Salem County which has helped students to attend State and National Conventions.

I find so many similarities between farmers and artists. They both work long hours well before and after everyone else has called it a day. They persist through difficult times and circumstances out of their control. Both are usually misunderstood by the general public. They recognize patterns and connections of larger systems that can help them in their work. And both can create beautiful and vital sustenance for our world: food and art. Imagine life without farmers and artists... what a hungry and dull place it would be.

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