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      Distant Vista on Shirley Road

      Acrylics on Gessobord - 11" x 14" - by Kimberly English ©

      When I was contemplating what to paint, I had just finished an intensely detailed commission, "One of a Kind", and wanted to paint a subject that was less structured. After looking through my reference pictures, I decided to call upon my photographer friend, Don Macavoy. He takes amazing photographs and happened to have a beautiful sunset of a local scene, which he granted me permission to use.
      I was attracted to the color shifts in the sky as well as the varying shades of blues in the foreground. The barn and silos' silhouettes against the vibrant sky depict Salem County's magnificent, unobscured sunsets that regularly occur. I enjoy photographing and painting sunsets because I am always amazed at not only the range of colors but how quickly they can change! If you take the time to watch, in a matter of moments you can witness the dramatic display of the color spectrum as well as the glistening glow of the sun as it descends into the horizon. I hope this painting inspires others to pause and experience this beautiful phenomenon that happens everyday.