Finding Comfort in Blooming Flowers

Finding Comfort in Blooming Flowers

This week my Irises began to bloom for the first time at our new house. Last year we transplanted a few from out first home right before we sold it. All at once they bloomed together in a beautiful display. I didn't realize how emotional I would be seeing them bloom at our new home.

Today marks three years since my maternal grandmother passed away. I thought that with time the pain of losing her would lessen. But lately, it's been more painful than ever. These flowers were the last flowers that I gave my grandmother before we laid her to rest.

The sight of the blooming flowers made me realize how I wish she could see our new home and the life we have made here so far. There have been so many times I have wanted to talk to her, just to realize that I couldn't. However, the timing of their bloom in relation to the anniversary of her passing also brought me a sense of comfort in knowing that I will continue to find little joys that remind me of her. Even though she is gone, she will live on in my memories and she will always be apart of me.

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