Four Ways to Engage With Your Audience Without Using Facebook or Instagram

Four Ways to Engage With Your Audience Without Using Facebook or Instagram

Have you noticed a lot of people leaving social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook? I know I personally have seen artists decide to leave social media to pursue other means of communicating with their audience. With all the censoring and privacy issues that have recently surfaced, I have also considered the big shift. However, I am also reluctant because so many people rely on those platforms to follow and communicate with me. In this blog post, I am going to explore four ways in which artists, such as myself, can reach and engage with their audience without sing Facebook or Instagram.

1. Email List
Having an email list of customers has and always will be king. It is something that you own no matter what. It's an excellent way to connect with your audience and also make them feel special. I personally use my email list every month to announce new workshops, artwork, and specials. They always hear about the latest news first before I ever put it on social media and I also like to reward them with free downloads as a special thank you.

2. Website Blog
Another great way to stay in touch and share information is to have a blog on your website. Even though I have been maintaining a blog for over 10 years, it is NOT on my website. I plan to change that this year when I move my website to a new platform. It is super beneficial to host your blog on your website because it will drive traffic to your site which will in turn help your SEO and search engine rating. 

3. Patreon
If you haven't heard of Patreon, it is a social media platform for creators. Patrons pay to support the creator with monthly/yearly subscriptions and in return receive special content in return. Although this is not a new platform, it has definitely been gaining momentum. I like the idea of using Patreon to reward my loyal followers with information and content that is exclusive to them. 

4. YouTube
YouTube is a great way to share videos of your work or process to educate and inspire your audience. I like YouTube because it is searchable content. There is always someone trying to learn something and using YouTube to learn about it. You can also include lots of information and links in the description of each video. There is also the potential to earn money when you reach a certain amount of subscribers.

Whether you are considering leaving social media all together or exploring new ways to reach your audience, there are many options! Instead of relying on Facebook or Instagram, get creative with the way you interact and reward your loyal followers. I know I am highly considering it and I hope you have found this blog post helpful as a starting point.

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