2021 Studio Plans

2021 Studio Plans

I am hoping this year will be better than last year as I am sure most people do! The first five months of 2020, we spent finalizing construction details on our first home like trimming the entire house, refinishing hardwood floors, and repainting rooms. We also navigated selling it by owner with the perfect buyer while also settling into our new home, figuring out how to get everything done during the state lockdown, and our daughter completing her kindergarten year virtually. While I am proud of what I was able to accomplish last year, I hope 2021 will allow more focus. In this blog post I am going to share my top 3 goals for 2021 to make this a more productive year in the studio.

1. Sell Prints of My Photographs
After completing my 2020 top 9 Instagram post, I realized my most liked images were my photographs. I currently do not offer them for sale and I am looking into ways to offer them for sale besides my yearly calendar

2. Switch Website to Shopify
I spent a good portion of my year last year switching from the Weebly website platform to Squarespace. I had been with Weebly for over 10 years and loved everything about it. However, the two things I needed for my business were inventory management for in person sales (that will automatically update my website inventory totals) and links my product catalog to social media platforms. I had consider switching to Shopify then but for some reason it just did not click. Squarespace seemed like the best fit for me as an artist and I made the switch in August of 2020. Fast forward to current day, I am finally realizing the limitations that Squarespace has for eCommerce.

3. Research Patreon
This year I want to explore creating an exclusive community on Patreon. I love making content and making people feel special so this seems to be a good fit. I do not know if I will launch it this year but I will definitely be researching and planning ideas incase I do decide to take the plunge.

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