Staying Productive in the Studio During COVID

Staying Productive in the Studio During COVID

During COVID it is easy to get off track and if I am being honest, I have definitely not been as productive as I could be. With my first grade daughter learning virtually and homeschooling my PreK son, time is limited. In this blog I am sharing strategies that I am implementing to be more productive this year while juggling all the other responsibilities of being a business owner, mom, and homeowner. These principles can be applied to anyone's day to help find focus and get things done.

1. Set Specific Times to Accomplish Tasks
My time blocking is for studio time. Yours might be for computer work. Whatever you are trying to accomplish, set specific times in your day when you plan to work on that task. For me, I need to work uninterrupted and the best times to accomplish painting is early in the morning before my children wake up or at night after I put them to bed. I was in a groove of working in the studio until I finished my last artwork. I tried to start a new painting but then quickly fell into the "lazy nights" trap. I am fighting back with reintroducing specific studio times to work on my paintings.

2. Make a List and Stick To It
My best friend is my planner. I joke that my lists have lists (which is actually very accurate). But in all seriousness, make a list! I like to start my week by creating a complete list of things that I need to do: phone calls, emails, errands, blog posts, appointments, etc in my planner and then assign each task to a specific days that I know I can get those things completed. This is also a good strategy for accomplishing a big task throughout the week. Break it up into manageable steps and assign each step to a day of the week. By Sunday, you will be surprised by what you can accomplish!

3. Be Consistent and Find Accountability
This tip goes hand-in-hand with making a list. If you make a list and stick with it, you will create consistency. Even if you can only dedicate 30 minutes to an hour to your desired task everyday, it truly adds up when you are consistent. 

Another important aspect about being consistent is finding a way to stay accountable for your efforts. Some people use a friend or mentor to check in with and report their progress. But if you don't have that, hold yourself accountable. I usually use Instagram stories as a way to stay accountable and show progress.

I hope you have found this blog post helpful and applicable to some aspect in your life. Please leave a comment below with any questions you may have!

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