Podcast Interview

Podcast Interview

This week I am featured on Don Macavoy’s podcast, “Don’t Worry, I’m Finite”. His podcast focuses on the inspiration, motivation, and an exploration of the creative community. In this blog post I will be sharing more details about the topics we discussed, as well as links to previous blog posts in relation to those topics for further reading.

Don is an old friend from college who I met at Rowan University the semester after I changed my major from biology to art education. We became good friends while taking many art classes together and have stayed in contact since. He has photographed all of the major milestones in my life: engagement, wedding, maternity, and now, yearly family portraits.

Listen to the podcast #114 here

We begin by discussing how I got started with art, my education, and how it evolved into a career. I am forever grateful to my middle school art teacher, Mrs. Hill, for recognizing my talent and encouraging me to apply for the Salem County Vo-Tech’s Art Academy. At the time, it was a new program being offered at my alma mater, Schalick High School. You can read more about my story and the experiences I had in the Art Academy as well as college in my Keynote Speech I gave during the Scholastic Art Awards: South Jersey Regional Ceremony held at Appel Farm here.

We continue by diving deeper into the reasons why I changed my major from Biology to Art Education. One of the major contributing factors to that decision was inspired by my Uncle Regan. He encouraged me to pursue the arts and shared that he always regretted never doing anything with his own artistic talent. You can read more about how he inspired me here.

Another important topic we talked about was time management and how I am able to get so much done as an artist and business owner while raising young children. I attribute my time management skills from being an art teacher, which I felt was 75% logistics, time management, and prepping. Now I categorize tasks by what I can get done with both children in tow, with one child in tow, and when both are sleeping or playing independently. This includes: household chores, errands, creating artwork, and business responsibilities. Here is a list of blog posts where I share other ways be productive with your time:

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I really enjoyed being interviewed by my friend, Don, and the topics we covered. I hope you enjoy the podcast interview and if you have any questions or comments, leave them below. I would love to hear from you!

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