2022 Studio Goals

2022 Studio Goals

It's always exciting starting a new year! After reflecting on the past year, it is natural to look ahead at the new possibilities to focus on as the new year begins. I have a lot of artistic plans and events for 2022 and thought I'd organize some my thoughts and ideas into a blog post to share with you.

I would like to continue to develop my acrylic painting portfolio in 2022. I plan to create paintings of vintage trucks, local landscapes, and depicting the various seasons we are so fortunate to experience. I am also interested in returning to painting on smaller canvas sizes to help me accomplish more paintings and diversify the products that I can offer my customers.

This year I also plan to design a "Hometown Collection" of artwork and home goods featuring local towns and recognizable landmarks. My hope is to instill pride in local residents and to provide people who grew up here but have since moved the opportunity to reminisce. These items will be available online and locally at A Whole New Light.

Another goal for this year is to investigate art licensing through a publishing house. This would mean my artwork would be published and available through mass production in retail stores. I am not sure this is an avenue I would like to go but I am interested to learn more about it and if it would be a good fit for my business.

Thank you for your continued support of my artwork. I look forward to sharing my creations with you throughout the year!

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